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Pearls have stood the test of time in fashion. In the 1900s and even before than pearls were known as status symbols because of how rare they were. Its hard to say who the earliest people to collect and wear pearls were ( However the oldest piece of pearl jewelry is approximately 3,000 years old ( Now a days pearls are not exactly a status symbol but still very relevant in fashion.

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“Black a color that goes with everything, is flattering to wear, hides a multitude of sins and makes us look slim” ( Black is a timeless choice no matter the season or event, which is proven year after year in the fashion industry. When in doubt wear Black.


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Alexander McQueen texted leather bike jacket $4,475 at

Givenchy medium antigona bag in black crocodile style leather $2905 at

Saint Laurent Skinny leather trousers $2653 at

Giuseppe Zanotti Boots $1185, Chanel Les 4 ombres eyeshadow $61, Chanel Coco Noir Body Lotion $150 at

OPI nail lacquer $8, Fendi silver tone chain and leather cuff $500,

Betsey Johnson black camera earrings $30 at


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