Sweatpants and Heels

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A trend seen more now than ever is the pairing of sweatpants or jogger pants with heels. I love wearing heels, so I love the look. Just like any other trends there are things to keep in mind when pairing the two together. The cut of your shirt and the type of heel is very important when pulling this look off. The best sweatpants and heels looks I have seen have a looser fitting shirt and shoes with no platform. Looser fitting shirts pair with the sweatpants balance out the overall look. Shoes with platforms over power the look and can look too dressy. Here is Kim Kardashian, NeNe Leakess, Rihanna, Jessica Simpson, and Amber Rose looking super cute in sweatpants and heels.

Photos used in this post:

Kim Kardashian at entertainmentwise.com

NeNe Leakess at voluptuousclothing.com

Rihanna at lamodellamafia.com

Jessica Simpson at dailymail.co.uk

Amber Rose at funmiogunja.com

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