BlK PearL’s 5 Favorite 2014 Fall Fashion Trends

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After looking at tons of Fall Fashion shows to get ready for this fast approaching season change I was so excited about the upcoming trends. There are so many this year but these 5 really stood out the most. What I like about these 5 is they are perfect for everyday wear. These 5 trends will give you a fashion forward look and can easily be paired with some old favorites from last year’s Fall trends.

1.       Standout handbags: Handbags with rich texture, prints, and embellishments are in! They will make a great statement piece for any outfit.

2.       60s: The 60s consist of mini-skirts, knee high boot, vintage accessories, and those wild crazy colorful prints. I love everything about the 60s fashion so I can’t wait to incorporate some of these thing in my wardrobe.

3.       Extreme Turtlenecks: Designers this year have given turtlenecks a makeover, and I love it! Extra fabric and great new prints give turtlenecks a chic sophisticated feel.

4.      Robe Coats: This wrap and go silhouette is to die for. Robe coats are perfect for day and night and keep you so warm. They can easily be belted to switch up the look of the coat and will go with any outfit dressy or casual.

5.       Knit Attire: Knit Attire consist of big chucky sweaters, large knit tops with matching pants, and knit dresses long and short. I love this look. Knit is so comfortable and goes well with any other fabric. Matching knit tops and pants are super cute and look great with super high heels.

Stores are stock their fall fashions now, so I will be shopping and getting all of my fashions very soon. You don’t want to wait too long because as hot has these Fall trends are they will be sold out fast.

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