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Welcome to BlKPearL Accessories!! I am so happy to share my handmade products with you guys. The focus of my brand is to create exclusive, unique, and eye catching statement pieces. I hope you all enjoy my accessories as much as I enjoyed making them. For custom pieces, wholesale information, or other inquiries I can be reached at BlKPearLAccessories I look forward to making great accessories for each of you!


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Coral Matrix Oval Stone Earrings $7.00

Buy Coral Matrix Oval Stone Earrings


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Brown Horn Oval Stone Earrings $8.00

Buy Horn Oval Stone Earrings


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Zoie: Yellow and Blue Statement Necklace $32.00

Buy Zoie



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Tabitha: Cream and Gold Statement Necklace $32.00

Buy Tabitha



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Shannon: Antique Silver Statement Necklace $32.00

Buy Shannon



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Khadijah: Black and Yellowish Wood Statement Necklace $35.00

Buy Khadijah



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Rhona: Black and Copper Statement Necklace $38.00

Buy Rhona



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Khassidy: Black Bead and Antique Silver Statement Necklace $38.00

Buy Khassidy



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Jasmine: Turquoise and Copper Statement Necklace $38.00

Buy Jasmine



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Isabel: Elegant Statement Necklace $39.00

Buy Isabel


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Abigail: Natural Cross Statement Necklace $39.00

Buy Abigail


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Tiffany: Natural Chunky Statement Necklace $45.00

Buy Tiffany


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Charmaine: Antique Gold Statement Necklace $45.00

Buy Charmaine


For any boutiques interested in wholesale prices please contact me at


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