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I recently heard about a new app called Style Book. In my opinion, this app is so awesome! It has up to 90 different style features. The features are broken up into 10 different categories: looks, closet, packing list, inspiration library, calendar, shopping, size tracker, style expert, style stats, and wifi share. The three categories that I could not wait to play with were looks, closet, and packing list. With those three categories alone you can completely organize your clothes and have several outfits planed for any occasion. I really love creating outfits and trying to see how many unique outfits I can make using the same item. So those three categories were enough for me to purchase the app. So far the only two negatives about the app are that it does cost $3.99 and it is currently only available for iPads and iPhones. Style Book does have an email list for Android users to be contacted when their Android version is complete. For those of my readers that do have Apple products I would love to hear what you think of Style Book!


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